This is a community of people cutting through streets,
tracks and trails every day.
We tell their stories and depict their lifestyle.
We help them meet and train together.

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Angela Mattevi
29 May 2020

Angela Mattevi

It's been long time since we start following her steps and we can't resist getting…
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Header Naked Band
10 May 2020

Naked Running Band

When thinking about running, all you think about in terms of mandatory accessories, only a…
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Valencia start
22 January 2018

Running Valencia Marathon

Past November we went to Valencia to run the marathon! None of the group had…
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26 December 2017

Bose SoundSport Free

I’ve previously reviewed some sport earphones and I can tell you I’m a real big…
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Uditore parkrun event
22 February 2017

parkrun spreads within Italy

Parks in Italy are often abandoned and people tends not to take advantage of them…
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Jennifer Ross pedElle
7 February 2017

pedElle 2017

Some years ago, two women were having a chat and had a great idea: “Why…
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Coach Ghidini
28 January 2017

Coach Gianni Ghidini

Gianni Ghidini’s name is recently bound to two first class athletes of the middle-distance world:…
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