It’s recent news Pete Kostelnick, 29, smashed the record for Run Across U.S.. He ran the 3,067 miles between San Francisco and New York in 42 days, averaging 72 miles per day. Kostelnick was not new to incredible achievements, having won twice the brutal Badwater Ultramarathon setting the course record. For those who don’t know, Badwater is a 135 miles’ race in the Death Valley. In full summer.

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On the other hand, Kostelnick wasn’t a champion at college and has a modest 2hours 41minutes personal best in the marathon. To be fair: modest compared to other competitors in the ultrarunning world.

Some people also believe he didn’t face real competition yet, because Badwater isn’t a major ultrarunning race, such as the Hardrock 100 and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (I refer to some threads on message board).

Kostelnick is certainly not comparable to Kilian Jornet. I think the real point is Kostlelnick is no professional runner. He works as financial analyst at National Research Corporation (see linkedin profile here That’s what I find impressive: how can he conjugate a real job with 200 miles per week training? He also has a wife to take care of!

Let’s do some maths: if Pete runs 60 miles in the weekend, he needs to run another 120 miles within working days. So, in working days he must average 24 miles per day. Assuming he runs at a 3 hour marathon pace, he needs at least 2 hours 44 minutes of pure running every day. So, a usual day might be: 1,5 hours commuting + 8 hours working + almost 3 hours running 1,5 hours eating = 14 hours. That’s a pretty hard schedule. He certainly deserves to make running a career!

In conclusion, Pete Kostelnick’s story teaches dedication can lead to big results. When you skip running because you are tired, when you say you can’t improve because you have no time… think of Pete and get out of the couch!

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