It’s been long time since we start following her steps and we can’t resist getting an interview: she is Angela Mattevi.

Young running champ born and raised in Trentino region (in the north of Italy) where lot of Track&Field athletics are growing. Born in 2000 and currently european U20 mountain running champion and, with a incredible performance back in 2019 in Argentina, world running champion in charge. She’s a force of nature and an incredible prospect for the near future.

We took the chance of the lockdown to send her some questions and, with lot of humility, Angela get back to us in short time:

In your bio on FIDAL website, we noticed that prior to track&field you tried other team sports. What was the path the brought you to mountain running? I’ve practiced many sports but none of those had stole my heart. I’ve choose to sign for a test practice with my actual team and immediately understood it was my sport. The passion for mountain running raised also thanks to where I live that allows me to run in the pure nature on mountain trails.

Angela Mattevi

Trentino is currently the “mecca” of Italian track&field and particularly running. What is your relation with Trento field and your team mates? I feel good and in particular I’ve a good relation with field keepers. It’s always in order and clean and opening times are comfortable. Looking at my team mates, they’re fantastic. Lot of feeling between us without any kind of envy. We help each other giving us lot of advice.

Your speciality are short distances. Looking at your future, are you think about competing in long distances? What are your objectives for the near and far future? I feel good with long distances such as marathon and half marathon. I’ve got lot of objectives in my mind but, due to the situation in the beginning of 2020, I had to modify my plans. The first that comes in my mind are to become a Pro Athlete, run New York marathon and participate in Olympics.

Coming to your life out of trails and tracks, how you feed yourself during loading period? I do care a lot about my diet. I eat very healthy. I do 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, mid evening snack and dinner. During loading periods I prefer carbohydrates (cereals, bread, pasta, rice) for breakfast and lunch while a lot of proteins (meat white and red, cheeses, cold cuts) for dinner. In every meal, i add always fruit and vegetables. I try not to miss any nutrients and choose a varied diet. I chose a “bad meal” a week, typically on Saturday evening, only in case I am out of competition periods.

Angela Mattevi

We would like some suggestions from you: what’s your top3 for favorites sports books? “Io Fenice” from Sara Dossena, “A volte corro piano” from Patrick Trentini and “L’arte di correre” from Murakami Aruki.

You favorite training path? Near my home town, few steps from home. 500mts on asphalt and immediately after I’m on a trail with lots of ups and downs.

Who is your mentor and why? I’m in love with Sara Dossena. Her strength and determination is contagious and I’m in love with her character. We have lot in common and obviously her specialities is my favourite.

All competitions are suspended at this time, Olympics included. How you feel about this moment? What would you suggest to an amateur to avoid to lose motivation? I am very sorry because the desire to compete is so great but we all must be patience. A true athlete come out in difficult situations like this. What I can recommend is to take advantage of this period to do things that were previously left out such as strength, core stability, streacking and, obviously, work on a plan to get back in shape. The aim should be get back to competitions soon. I feel track&field is not over and, even after this stop, it will return stronger than before.

The vey last question: you’re 19 and you step into the scene with a winning in the world championship in Argentina. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’m dreaming that, in 10 years, I will be doing this for work. Be a real athlete. Have lot of heavy medals on my neck keeping my motivation with strong need to grow and work… and why not, with a beautiful sporty boyfriend on my side!

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