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Create your training session

Boost motivation, share your same passion for sport.

Share your training session

Boost motivation, train together.

Find a training session

Check out who trains around you and go train together

Find, join in, create and share.

Movimentore is the new App to find the training sessions planned around you. You can create new training sessions and share them with your friend. No more training alone!

Movimentore, the idea

How often you want to go training but you don’t have a partner? Ever wondered a training partner to show you new routes? ever wished to organize a sport event, but don’t know how to reach interested people? This community is about sharing outdoor sports passion, learn new routes and create events.

Find a training session

Wherever you are, access the app and discover on the map all the training sessions planned by other users. Find people that share your same passion for sport. Keep training when you are on a business trip.

Join training sessions around you

Surf the map and discover training sessions planned by other users. Explore the session specifications, choose what fits for you and join in.

Create and plan your training sessions

Plan when and where to train. Select terrain, intensity, date, hour and place. If you change your mind, you can modify your event and a push notification will warn the participants.

Share your training sessions

Anytime you create a new event on the app, you can spread the word and find training partners. Just share your session with friends and find out who is going to join. Don’t lose motivation, involve your friends.

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