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Lavaredo Ultra Trail - 3 cime
10 September 2016

The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail

We met Francesco, an old friend and passionate marathon and ultra runner. We asked him…
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Chamonix Panorama
26 August 2016

Chamonix: the paradise of trail running

No doubt on what the most famous ultra-trail is: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.…
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Andrea Tiberi MTB Olympian
3 August 2016

Chatting with Andrea Tiberi, MTB Olympian

Andrea, 31, is a first timer at the next Olympic Games: on the 21st of…
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Samsung Gear iconx Alert
31 July 2016

The perfect fitness earbuds

I’m a music-while-running fan since my first workout. It was back in 2006 when I…
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Asolo 100km Monte Grappa
22 July 2016

A brutal ultramarathon, the Asolo 100km

Two years ago, the day after I crossed the finish line at the Passatore 100km,…
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MTB Fontana La Bresse
19 July 2016

We interviewed the MTB champion Marco Aurelio Fontana

The MTB world is divided in two: the competition part and the amateurs one. Apparently,…
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8 July 2016

Being a Crew Chief at RAAM

You might have already heard about the RAAM – Race Across America, the 3000 miles…
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Okazaki Shimin Ekiden
6 July 2016

We bet you don’t know what an Ekiden is

Not many people in westerner countries know what ekiden means, in fact it is a…
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Running endurance desert extreme heat
20 June 2016

Maltodextrins vs simple sugars

You can read a ton of books about endurance, ask a million friend or shop…
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Dolomites Skyrace Kilian De Gasperi
14 June 2016

Dolomites Skyrace

Lots of long time road runners are moving to trails in search for something different…
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