I’ve previously reviewed some sport earphones and I can tell you I’m a real big fan of running with music. Last month, after 2 years of intense usage of my Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats² Wireless, my wife gifted me the brand-new Bose SoundSport Free.

I live in Italy and currently the “Free” variant of the Bose SoundSport are not available here. My wife got the chance to ask to a friend to buy the earphones in NY and bring those to me.

First of all, let me tell you what’s in the box. The 2 earpieces – completely disconnected one another – are comfortably installed in a small charging capable container (as all the thru last generation wireless earphones) that gives you additional 10h of listening. A micro-USB to USB cable and a set of silicon adapters for the different ears sizes are included as well as a small user guide. That’s it. All this for 302$ included local taxes – 250€ with current exchange rate.

Bose SoundSport Free side view

The earpieces are quite big. To be honest the best fitting adjective is “huge”. When you plug those things in your ears that’s better not to look yourself in a mirror because you will fill ridiculous.

I’m used to run with my iPod Nano 7th Generation so no phone or new generation audio devices. The earphones will turn on just taking them out from there charging container so I pop them out and pair them with my iPod. Unfortunately, at first test, just one of the two earpieces where working. After turning everything off and on again all worked properly. The audio was excellent, lot and lot better than my old Beats earphones that all the reviews seems to evaluate as one of the best in their category. I jumped out of my door and start running with the iPod clipped on the back of my shorts. The connection was not stable and I’ve lost the audio from one or both channels many times. Things got worse when my sweating became heavier so I had to keep the iPod in my hand and try not to move the head left and right too much.

The day after, I decided to give a try to the combination of Apple Watch and the Bose. Probably because of the near position of the watch and the earphones, the overall experience has been perfect. The only issue has been that when you move your head to look around you lose the audio for a second but I can tell you is not so disturbing.

Bose SoundSport Free Box

I’ve tried to use the Bose also during commuting to work, connected to my iPhone, and they are working perfectly. The only issue in that case is the delay of 1 second that prevent the use combined with video or other stuff like that. But to be honest, who cares. The name says it clearly what is the target of the Bose SportSound Free: listening to music in total freedom while doing sport.

In conclusion, I’m fully satisfied in terms of sound quality and stability/comfort despite the size. The issues with the connection seems to be something that all the thru wireless earphones have and probably it depends on the matureness of the technology.

Highly recommended!

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