When I started running I had no idea who Giorgio Calcaterra was. I bet he still isn’t very famous outside a narrow community of long distance runners. A boost of popularity reached him last April, when he won the Wings for Life World Run setting the new race record of 88 km: it wasn’t a flash in the pan!

Giorgio, 44, has been the 100km world champion, he also won the legendary 100km del Passatore (a 100km race from Firenze to Faenza, Italy) for 11 years in a row. In 2000 he set a world record of 16 sub 2’20” marathons ran in one year.

His incredible achievements apparently conflict with his plain and low-profile lifestyle: he runs a running shop in Rome, where he formerly worked as a taxi driver.  You meet him at any casual race at weekends, among the amateurs’ field (I once met him during a very recreational 24x1hour race relay). Despite the fact Calcaterra is one of the most successful ultrarunners, he acts like an amateur motivated by a true love for running. His autobiography “Running is my life” will be published within days: it certainly is a must read.

World champion, world record holder and just a runner like me and you.

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