In this time of lockdown there is no chance, we need to train at home. It has been a while since I started considering to try and this time I decided to make a step ahead: I bought bike rollers.

As always my starting point is an internet research for something that fits my needs that in the end are just a few. Small size, reliability and Smart functionality. The mainstream brands are Elite and Tacx but lot of others are creating high range products such as Wahoo. After reading some reviews I choose Tacx Flow Smart. I bought them on Decathlon for 199€, a 100€ reduction from the official price. I’ve added also a skid proof floor mat with the aim of reducing also the noise. Total of my order has been 218,90 including shipping.

Tacx Flow Smart

While reading the reviews I read different opinions. I’ve found lot of persons complaining about failures and bluetooth connection issues. It was clear, looking at the professional reviews that something was a must-have: it is mandatory to install specific tires. The usage of standard road tires results in an extensive consume of the tire it self in addition to the part connected to the bike roller. While waiting for the bike roller to be delivered I choose to the perfect price/quality combination.

Continental HomeTrainer

Tacx has is own tires but at the moment it was impossible to get one. The unpredictable growing in demand has taken all the home training articles to be very difficult to buy but particularly to be delivered. Between the availability products I found one that seemed interesting. My pic was Continental Hometrainer, bought on Amazon for 35€.

New tires and inner tube mounted I’ve installed the new axle that was included in the box and in 5 mins I was on the bike. In my room, looking at the wall, after 30 mins I was feeling devastated. Not so much fiscally but mainly psychologically.

The day after I choose to give it a try again but this time in front of the iPad with Zwift App. Incredible. Brilliant. A virtual world, with ascent and descents and full of other athletes. Compete with others is totally another game. I felt stimulated to push myself to beat who was in front of me and avoid to be overtaken. I’ve cycled more than an hour and I could go even further. The monthly fee for Zwift is 15€, not so cheap but at the same time not something unmanageable.

Zwift Innsbruck

Let’s be clear, I keep think that the best is to to our things outdoor but without the possibility to get out or with adverse weather conditions, the usage of bike rollers and Zwift is definitely an optimal solution.

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