When thinking about running, all you think about in terms of mandatory accessories, only a few items comes out: shoes, sox, shorts and a t-shirt. Moving from the amateur to expert, lot more articles are offered by sports brands. Talking about Trail Running the most known are poles and camelback. Personally I’m not a fan of poles but in some kind of races there is not choice: it’s a must. What I hate the most is put back in place the sticks after the usage. It brakes my breath. I feel it like a lost of time. I’ve tested many solutions but the best I’ve found is to use a waist band. It is an additional item to bring with you but I can’t run trail without it anymore.

Based on the events I’ve been into, I’ve found not so many runners using this kind of accessory but I have to admit that is growing trend. More and more brands are creating their own solutions but, as they are simple products, they seems equal.

One of my favorite elite athletes, Pau Capell (2019 UTMB winner), is using a product from a brand which is not so famous:

Naked (https://nakedsportsinnovations.com/).

The American manufacturer has not so huge product offer and this a plus. Naked offers, as of today, one sport bra, one waist band (different man’s and woman’s fit) and one hydration vest. In their website you can also find some promotional stuff such as t-shirts and hats and “buff”. The highlights of Naked products are lightness and breathability.

Becoming more and more curious, I’ve decided to go for the waist band (https://nakedsportsinnovations.com/the-band/). It is available in different sizes based on your waist for 49.99$. From my stand point the price is pretty good: it is cheaper that more known brands such as Salomon. In a week the band was in my hand. Taking the product of the box the first aspect that stands out is the loading capacity.

It is quite wide (wider than competitors) and you have access to many pockets of different sizes where to load flask, GU and other stuff such as mobile.

The overall declared loading capacity is 2 liters and there’s also a string to clip your keys to avoid to loose them while jumping around on trails.

Going to the part that I’m interested the most, on the back of the band, in addition to a big pocket, you can find two laces where to store your poles. I’m using Black Diamond Distance Carbon poles (https://eu.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_IT/distance-carbon-z-trekking-poles-BD112205_cfg.html) that can be divided in tre sections. Once unmounted, you can store the poles in the band very easily. It is a 10 sec matter.

Collage Naked

You can wear the band on or off the t-shirt and it is very comfortable also in the heat so the breathability is definitely confirmed.

Jumping to the conclusions I have to say that I’m fully satisfied with the product and I will have to test the Naked vest for sure as, looking to the characteristics, I feel the solution is perfect for short and fast trails.

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