I signed up to the Rotterdam Marathon scheduled for April 5th, and I planned some other trail races in the summer, but because of the lockdown all my plans have failed.

Although the worst things are the athletics tracks and trails lock in most nations or the outdoors sports restrictions, I do miss races.

Races are the recreational runner’s long term projects on which he relies upon to get serious and stick to the plan.

I am lost! Running on a treadmill or on a 500 meters trail without a real purpose but maintaining a minimum shape for when the lockdown is over. I keep wondering when races will be held again.

Some improbable race continues to exist, as the Quarantine Backyard Ultra, consisting in an endurance race around the block, won by Michael Wardian after 63 hours and 262 miles.

Some people try record normally restricted within the Guinness Records book: Mattias Kyburz established the new world record in the 50km on treadmill with a time of 2:56:35, beating the previous record by Florian Neuschwander.

This proves the extraordinary resilience of the runners’ movement and perfectly describes why running is a fantastic sport. Although, it is not clear if and when races can be held again. I fear we couldn’t keep running away from the police (https://video.sky.it/sport/altri-sport/varie/video-runner-inseguito-polizia-pescara/v586017.vid).

For some theories running in group is potentially dangerous due to the respiratory droplets of runners (link).

The author precised his study is about aerodynamics and not about virology, but some impact probably has to be taken into account. This is not in favour of a rapid return to the race season.

Many people would think there are more important issues to deal with, but I disagree. For many runners like me, stay outdoor and socialize while training or racing is probably the best part of their existence: we can’t absolutely give up!

This is part of the existential issues and of individual freedom that coronavirus is putting at risk.

Rotterdam marathon has been postponed to October, for now.

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