Before visiting a city, I often scan the web looking for some interesting place where cyclists or runners meet. That’s how I discovered the first dedicated track bike store in the world: Keirin cycle culture café.
Founded in 2004 in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Keirin is a unique place. As the name suggests, it isn’t just a store. At Keirin you dive into a lifestyle, you meet track bikes enthusiasts, you drink Italian coffee, you feel the vibrating passion. They organize a series of cool events that you can read about on their blog or follow on Instagram.

At Keirin I bought my beloved backpack that I virtually always bring with me. It makes perfect sense, since I cycle to work every day and the backpack is incomparably beautiful (yes.). Sometimes I check the blog for updates and give a glance at the online store, where I recently bought a “Save Keirin” t-shirt. In fact, Keirin is currently menaced by the speculative real estate market afflicting Berlin.
In conclusion, SAVE Keirin!

Keirin official site

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