Many people run to clear their mind and disconnect from the world for a while. Unfortunately, sometimes disconnecting is not an option and you really need to be reachable: in that case you experience the nightmare of bringing increasingly big smartphone on the run.

Recently it happened to me, so I first tried an armband that gave me a strange strange feeling, like I was losing balance. I found myself continuously touching my arm and adjusting the armband, deconcentrating from running. That mean I was still in search of a better solution.

Smallest Phone World

Then I found what I was searching for on one of my favorite tech blogs (click here for full review on unboxtherapy). In fact, I discovered a Chinese manufacturer envisioned that “big is not better” and created what it is claimed to be the “World’s smallest phone”. Within a second I jumped on eBay and found the best deal: 28 euros including shipping and placed my order. In 10 days it was that marvelous phone was in my hand!

I am talking about a 20 grams device as big as a forefinger. It has a common micro USB plug, so it is  easy to charge. I bought a specific micro SIM, so I don’t have to remove it and replace it all the time from my phone.

In terms of functionality it can do just one thing: the phone. You can receive text messages as well but be aware that writing something longer than your name might be really challenging. It is so tiny that it can be transformed to an headphone just plugging an earpiece directly in the back of the phone.

Considering I wanted to use it while running, I found a small plastic, because the phone is not waterproof.  The device is so light that you can’t almost feel it in the pocket of your shorts. It can also be placed in the coin’s pocket (if you have one).

I’ve already run thousand kilometers with the phone and occasionally use it for calling home. It also can be helpful for safety reasons during long trail runs. The voice is not loud and the plastic is not the best but who cares, it works smoothly.

It is not common to find the perfect solution for basically no money, but this was exactly the case!

Smallest Phone World Key

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