I’m not gonna talk you about the last tech product but simply about the watch I’m using since more than two years with complete satisfaction: the Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium HR.

Suunto Spartan Ultra quadrant

When I bought it the list price was 900€ and obviously I would not have any chance to buy it for the price tag. I was looking at it on tech website and on pro ultra runners wrist. The main characteristics that made it unique was suggested in his name: it was able to track 20hours of running on a single charge.

It seems nothing to the majority of the “standard” runners but for the ones that runs endurance races is a must-have feature. In addition to the battery life, the watch was acting like a proper smartwatch giving the chance to read notifications and select music running on your smartphone.

Don’t ask me how and why but one day I found on eBay an auction where, for 399€ straight from Germany and shipping included, I would have the chance to own the number one in my wishlist. Ready, steady, go and I bid on it. I’ve got it from the mailman and I was surprised that it was it. In the box I’ve found cardio band and USB cable. It was little large for my wrist but in the end it was acceptable.

Looking at the features, the one that I appreciated the most was the ability of loading GPS track thru Suunto Movescount portal. On the display you cannot find a map but you can precisely find you position in the track. It is a very useful functionality to avoid to get lost but is very very useful to have the chance to analyze what is coming after in terms of altitude.

After more than 5k km of running and cycling and after more than 3 years from his launch I found it brilliant and perfectly fitting my needs. Is very strong thanks to his Zafir Cristal glass. Now you can get it new for 300€ or used below 200€. I definitely suggest this solution.

In the meantime lot has happened in the market: 3 AppleWatch came out, Garmin sent over tons of models and Suunto itself launched the new flagship: the Suunto 7. On one side I’m always tented to buy new stuff but on the other hand I think that my old Suunto is the perfect combination of strength, technology and reliability and last but not least, despite I am ashamed of it, I’m in love with it…

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