Ever heard of smartwatches? Those devices that allow you to read WhatsApp messages, receive notifications of your appointments or control the music you are listening to on your smartphone? Well, normally these devices have a fantastic display, a battery life of 1 or 2 days and do not have the GPS satellite positioning.

Since 2015, Garmin has included in its product range a device that for the first time brings together the two worlds: the one of everyday smartwatches and the other of sports watches. Welcome to Vívoactive®: a light and thin device provided with bluetooth and GPS. Unfortunately, it hasn’t a very resolute nor very brilliant color display. The Vivoactive is an essential clock with a one-week battery life (with the GPS turned off). You can both see messages and notifications and also accurately measure activities such as running, swimming, cycling or golf. It is capable of heart rate monitoring, but you’d need a not included chest sensor. Once I saw it on the market I couldn’t resist and I bought one to replace another Garmin, a Forerunner 620. I currently wear it every day and I am fully satisfied with both “smart” and sport features.

Last month Garmin released the second generation of this device: Vívoactive® HR. It has a new design, a new anti-glare high resolution color touch screen display and an integrated of wrist heart rate sensor. The list price is € 269,99 in Italy. It’s about € 100 cheaper than the Apple iWatch or the Samsung Gear S2 (both are not equipped with a GPS). This device is certainly not the cheapest sport watch on the market, but I look at it as an excellent solution for those who don’t like to be forced to alternate watches in the everyday use.

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